I Want my Photos to Make you Feel Like You’ve had the Morning off

Stress levels peak in the morning. Who would have thought?

Researchers from the University of Westminster have shown a quick visit to an art gallery can reduce stress levels. So much so, your stress levels entering the office for the day would be the same as after lunch. Imagine that, maybe you could skip that tenth coffee?

My aim is to give you unique South Australia photos and present them in a way that has a real art gallery feel to it.

You don’t just get images. You get carefully curated images that all work together beautifully. Best of all, three times a year the gallery gets a refresh, topping up the atmosphere in your office.

I can even do the refresh on a Monday morning if you want.

Your First Three Gallery Refreshes

The images I’ve chosen are all quintessentially South Australian, but they all have a little twist on them and a back story that I include in your coffee table book.

As well as the $4000 first prize photo of Snap Your City, I have also included my four biggest selling images in my first years selection.

Each exhibition has a theme, in some cases it may be a harmonious colour scheme or it may be a different take on a certain landscape.

I have printed the images on Ilford Galerie A2 paper and professionally framed them, they look pretty amazing in the flesh.

Best of all you get to experience the excitement of refreshed images three times a year. 

Imagine, in just five years you would have enjoyed 45 different landscape images

Numbers are strictly limited, I don’t want my images to become cheap and everywhere. Cost is $495 per refresh (three per year) and there are no setup costs or minimum terms. I’m sure you’ll love them and want to keep them, so why bother with lengthy contracts.

Getting Started

Getting started is very easy, simply get in touch with me and I will come to your office and we can discuss where the images will look best, what frames colours would work and any changes or alterations you may want. Perhaps a great big panorama may work well in your boardroom, what ever changes you need I can accomodate them.

To get in touch, simple call me or fill in the form below.